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Hi!  My name’s Tammy and I am a wife, mother, daughter, and friend.

I’m fascinated by change and how people handle it.  I’ve had a lot of experience with change, but haven’t we all!  I learn and process things best when I write them down, so this blog is my way of thinking out loud about change and how we can grow through it instead of fighting against it.

I figure you found your way to this page so you could get to know a little bit about me.  I started to write a nice, professional paragraph about myself, but even I found it boring.  So I decided a list might be more fun!

10 Things You Might Be Interested to Know About Me

 1)    I have an amazing, unconventional, gypsy tribe of a family.  Mark and I dated in high school and got married right after college.  We adopted our son from Guatemala then had twin daughters five years later.  In the almost 16 years we’ve been married, we’ve moved 9 times, owned 3 houses, and lived in 3 different states and 2 countries.  Our family life has been a lot of things, but boring isn’t one of them.

2)    I’m uncoordinated.  That means I can’t ski or ice skate and I often trip when I’m walking, even when wearing flats and walking on a completely level surface.

3)    I’m a night owl married to a morning person.  We spent the first few years of our marriage trying to fix that but have since given up.  So Mark has perfected the art of falling asleep with a light on so I can read, and I’ve perfected the art of sleeping through his early morning alarm.

4)    I don’t watch much Reality TV but I do watch Soap Operas.  My Mom watched Guiding Light for as long as I can remember, and I watched it too until it went off the air.  Now Days of Our Lives is my guilty pleasure.

5)    I judge any restaurant based on the quality of their desserts.  I may claim to be there for dinner, but I’m really just saving room for the chocolate cake.

6)    I’m an introvert who loves to host parties.  My friends all think that I serve a ton of food at parties because I want to feed them well, but it’s really to give me a reason to hide in the kitchen when I need a break from the entertaining action.

7)    I love New Year’s Eve.  I like the idea of fresh starts and new beginnings.  We typically ring in the New Year at home.  It’s not a fancy affair, just our closest friends, music, laughter….oh, and lots of food (see #6 above).

8)    Reading is one of my favorite past times.  Reading makes me happy.  Whether it’s books, magazines, blogs, or the newspaper, I really enjoy curling up with a warm blanket, a cup of coffee, and some good reading material.

9)    My mind is organized but my surroundings are not.  I am very good at being mentally organized because I make lists…lots of lists.  But my physical surroundings are a mess, probably because the act of making a list does nothing to clean up my house.  So if you drop over unexpectedly, you’ll find that my desk is covered in papers and my kitchen counters are piled with various odds and ends that have a home but haven’t found there way back to it yet.  The clutter doesn’t bother me, but I can’t say the same for Mark.  Maybe one day I’ll learn to keep my surroundings more orderly…just after I get done learning how to be a morning person.

10) I’m a reforming change skeptic.  I used to hate change and spent years trying to cross the street when I saw it coming.  Which is probably why God (or the universe, or fate, or karma, or whatever) decided to make change a big constant in my life.  I’ve changed houses, changed careers, and changed my mind many, many times.  And all that change has taught me that change isn’t so bad after all.

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